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Although I could get a larger size dress, they were too small for nursing. I tried to find cute nursing dresses online, but I only found a few floral and frumpy nursing dresses that looked more like the 1960's than Jackie O. Although it was the most comfortable nursing dress I could find and that fit my postpartum body well, it was definitely not my style.

In the last five years, nursing fashion has advanced significantly. Nursing mothers today are extremely fortunate because there are so many options for nursing styles that you can choose from. Here are some of my personal favorites for nursing dresses:

The Maternal NHS Clothing doubles as a maternity dress. The sleeveless tank dress has wide bra-friendly straps. Under the front cross-over design, nursing access is discreet. The bust has a gentle ruching that gives it a stylish, flowing look. The ruching at the bust hides post-partum bumps or allows for a growing pregnant belly. For cooler weather, you can layer this dress with a jacket or cardigan.

Japanese Weekend's Organic D&A Maternity/Nursing dress is a more sleek and feminine option. Made from 100% organic cotton, this dress will hug your curves and stretch where you need it to. It is flattering and easy to nurse thanks to the V neck cross-over design. The hem reaches above the knee, giving it a chic look and exposing a little of your leg. The dress is available in solid black or earth colors.

You might prefer an elegant, casual style but with a modern twist. The Oven's Beach Maternity Dress is the perfect choice. You can wear this dress as a cover up to the pool or beach, or as a simple dress for a romantic dinner. This maxi dress is easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down with the stretchy gauze fabric. Nursing is easy with the front button closures. This maternity/nursing gown is available in white, mudpie or summer blue.

Japanese Weekend also has a double-neck maxi dress with a double neck that can be used for nursing and maternity. This dress in tribal print can be worn to all offices at any time of year. This double-neck design is perfect for nursing and has a beautiful neckline. The empire waist provides a great fit for the upper body. The fabric is just right weight for the maxi style, which prevents any tenting. It looks great on both pregnancies and post-partum.

Japanese Weekend's Flowered D&A Maternity/Nursing dress is a funky, floral, knee-length dress you can wear anywhere. This dress is perfect for both pregnancy and beyond. The pretty double-layered scoop neck design with ruffles makes it easy to nurse. For a slimming effect, the empire waist wraps around your smallest part. This shorter length creates a hip look, but is long enough to wear to work.

There are many options to choose from, whether you want a printed or a sold style, a knee-length or maxi length, casual or formal. You can also check out the styles of these designers to ensure you find the right look for you, whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

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  • Edward Walker

Your business can benefit from branded workwear clothing in many ways. This can be used to promote professionalism and direct advertising. It is also a cost-effective and practical way to market your company while providing quality workwear for your employees.

1. It improves your brand image.

A company's brand image is crucial for its success. Your customers will remember you when they see your logo or company name on their workwear. This will help your employees appear smart, which in turn will have a positive effect on the opinion of your company.

2. Direct advertising

Promotional workwear clothing can be a cost-effective way to advertise your company. It will be worn repeatedly on a daily basis. Every employee that comes in contact with your company will see the logo and name of your company. Some people might not notice it but others will. Your company's workwear clothing is branded and your company is advertised to a wide audience. You might consider adding a website or phone number to encourage people to get in touch with your company. It is also great for advertising because it is more effective than other forms of advertising and can be seen by more people. This will help you attract potential customers.

3. It fosters a sense of belonging among staff.

Your employees will feel valued and important by being given corporate clothes. This gives employees the sense that they are valued and appreciated by the business. This can increase productivity and give employees a chance to feel valued.

4. Reputation for your brand.

Your company can reap the benefits of branded workwear uniforms. Customers will instantly recognize your brand. Customers will immediately recognize your brand even if they're new customers and have never heard of your company. Having your logo printed on workwear clothing will provide reassurance to them that you're a trustworthy brand. A company's brand recognition is crucial - it will be difficult to achieve long-term success without it.

5. It encourages professionalism.

It is better to have your company logo or name printed on Workwear clothing than just plain. It is more professional and demonstrates that the company has a lot of experience, which can be a benefit to potential customers. Branded Workwear can help businesses project professionalism.

6. Practical and cost-effective

Companies will look for cost-effective ways to supply their employees with high quality workwear while also seeking advertising opportunities that offer good value. It's a great way to promote your company and get your workwear branded. This is a practical and effective way to advertise your company as your employees will wear your workwear every day.

7. You can brand everything!

All items can be branded, from workwear trousers to safety gear to PPE protective clothes. Your logo, company name, or motto can all be printed on your workwear clothing. We can personalize workwear clothing to suit your needs by screen printing, embroidery, heat sealing, or screen printing.

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